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There are three courses below and options for personalised coaching and guidance. The courses have a small monthly fee ($15-25). Private consultation/coaching starts from $80. There are also Zoom classes 5x a week (twice a week for beginners)

In all three courses, you can work at your own pace, leave when you want and ask for a return of course fees if you are not satisfied.  I welcome and answer questions from course participants to support learning.

Your top priority is vitality through breathjoin this course. 

You want a concise introduction to the elegant power of Chinese internal trainingjoin this course. 

You are called to the rich intricacy of a traditional Chinese martial arts style –join this course. There are years of study to dig into here! You can supplement this with group Zoom classes

There is a growing community building around these courses. It includes long-term martial artists, Chinese medicine practitioners and others taking their first steps into new learning. The support the members offer each other is another reason to join.

Private coaching

I work in person in a peaceful and beautiful corner of Brittany, through Zoom and other teaching platforms.

Typically people come to me 

To refine or supplement an existing martial arts/yoga/movement practice

  • To refine or supplement an existing martial arts/yoga/movement practice
  • For personalised fitness, strength and wellbeing coaching/programs
  • For guidance on how to combine Chinese and Western approaches

Send me an e-mail edward@i-bagua.com

In the e-mail include your interest/needs, where you are in the world and schedule/availability. I do not work with everyone who applies but I welcome all inquiries.

I don’t use titles, call me Edward!

Zoom classes 5x Week

Times and prices here. People join from Europe, America(s) and Australia. There is likely to be a time you can make it.


Michael Rook

Edward is an excellent teacher. He not only has a deep knowledge of the vast Yizong curriculum, but he also has the intelligence, empathy and experience to communicate that knowledge to his students. His knowledge of esoteric Chinese martial systems is allied to a wide-ranging, polymathic understanding of many allied and complementary subjects: from experience in at the cutting edge of modern martial arts (from BJJ, to Steve Morris to Visayan Escrima) to biomechanics and evolutionary theory. Perhaps most importantly, Edward brings a poetic vision to these concerns, syncretising, grounding and embodying them in the eminently practical yet complex sinuous reality of Bagua Zhang.

Gwen Sampé

Working with Edward is always a pleasure, he teaches and shares his knowledge and love of bagua without prejudice—no matter your level, your physical capabilities, your martial arts bona fides. Whatever your level he allows space for growth. I have taken both Yoga and Tai-chi classes in the past, so I came to bagua already with an idea of certain principles, but with Edward I have come to understand my body more deeply, allowing her to lead rather than forcing my mind upon her.  I am coming to an understanding of my body and am thrilled by the possibilities! You learn to take control of your own body, your movement into stillness and understanding. And of course I can’t not mention the philosophy of bagua, which is always forms of his explanations of the movements, in a way that is non-esoteric and clear. Things make sense! One other thing worth mentioning, I am more often than not the only female in  class and there is nothing macho about the classes nor the teacher.

Fabien Dekseyer

I’ve been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years and first met Edward Hines at seminars with Luo Dexiu. When partner practice was not available, I decided to join him online. What I enjoy the most in his teaching, is his deep understanding of the art and his very pragmatic way of transmitting it. I don’t find any new agey, unicorny, magical internal energy but instead a better awareness of my body and movement. I feel I have progressed in finding relaxation, structure and mobility.

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