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Baguazhang circle walking

Published in December 2015, this book is small, clear and simple which makes me and many readers quite happy. Get it here.

Beginning Bagua

This is probably the most down-to-earth, practical book about Bagua currently available. It was the first book I published. Get it here.

Moving into stillness

This is my second book – it is an easy to understand guide to the Daoist qigong and meditation methods that I learned from my teacher Luo Dexiu. Guess what, it doesn’t do mystic hyperbole. You might like it. Get it here.

Latest out and now available

How to Choose a Tai Chi teacher

This is the book you will want to give your friends so that they make smart choices about who they train with, and so that they ask a few less of the questions you may have answered many times. Get it here.

You can buy my books in real paper format on Amazon and for Kindle. You can read them without a Kindle, there is FREE software and apps for Kindle that you can download to your PC, Mac, i-pad/phone, Android etc

Read them for reference, to learn, for fun or give them to you friends.

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