Can you learn bagua online?

Short answer, yes.

Now it’s my job to guide you to get the most from your journey, to avoid the dead ends and the delusions, to translate time-tested methods so they can be relevant to your daily life.


Yizong – Gao Style Bagua,
a deep & powerful system.

Hello, I’m Edward Hines, a Bagua teacher in Brittany, France. My internal arts journey started in 1983 in London, over the years I’ve traveled, studied, fought, thought and taught.

I started Bagua in 1991 when I met my teacher Luo Dexiu in Taiwan. Luo taught me the complete Yizong Gao style Bagua system, along with Chen Pan Ling Taiji, Hebei Xingyi, and various chi-kung cultivation sets.

More than that he taught me to search for the patterns underlying and connecting each system. The practices beyond style online courses are designed with this approach in mind.

For the last 20 years, I have taught Bagua classes in person in France. Since 2020 I have offered online Bagua courses and online Bagua classes via Zoom and sometimes coached students 1:1 in Bagua and Taiji – Tai Chi. Here is what I’ve learned.

Build the body and go beyond the physical with in-depth Bagua courses online and the supportive Practices beyond Style community forums.

Yizong Gao Style Bagua

Gao style Bagua is a deep, finely crafted martial system – 80+videos, forms, use, concepts + exercises – more each week.

Qigong & Breathing

Breath is the foundation of life – delve into the experience, the anatomy and application of breath

Bagua Circle Walking

The most important ideas and skills that you need to develop your Bagua practice + access to a supportive community.

The martial year

We are drawn to martial arts for many reasons. For fighting skill, for community, as a spiritual practice, for health and fitness, self-cultivation.

Once we start it’s easy to be swept along by the culture of where we landed. A year goes by, perhaps 10, and what was once an adventure of discovery has become a habi

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